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At Element Dental, we offer CEREC technology that can make your crown and other oral restoration materials, all during your first visit to our office. If you have never heard of Single Visit Crowns, we now have what it takes to offer CEREC to all of our patients who need a crown in a hurry. That means that those who have emergency dental procedure needs can quickly fix their teeth, which can alleviate pain and also help ensure that future damage is not made on the tooth.

In order for us to fit your mouth with an esthetic ceramic tooth, we will take a digital impression of your mouth with a CAD/CAM machine. To do this, we will enter detailed images and extensive information into the computer, which then begins milling your new tooth. The end result is a tooth that is completely specific to you, which will fit your mouth perfectly, without having to take multiple trips to our office. Not only do we save you time, but we also look to ensure that you have proper oral health in a convenient time for you.

Because our CEREC process uses ceramic restorative pieces, instead of gold or silver, you will have a natural looking tooth that will not distract others who you may be talking with. Many patients have a hard time accepting the fact that they need a crown for their tooth, mainly because of the unappealing look of a metal shinning in their mouth. Fortunately, with ceramic replacements offered from CEREC technology, this will not be a concern for any patients who get this treatment completed.

Before you determine whether or not you want to utilize the CEREC method for your dental restoration, we will check with your insurance provider to see if the process is covered. In the event that it is not, we will work with you to determine the best plan to help make this innovative technology work for you.

Only certain doctors around the world use CEREC technology. That is why you can trust Dr. Nicholas Pile at Element Dental. Dr. Pile works diligently to continually learn more about the dental industry, including how to make CEREC technology work better for his patients. You can rest assured knowing that if you opt for CEREC single visit esthetic ceramic restoration, you’ll be happy you did it with Dr. Pile.

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