Crowns and Bridges

What Are Crowns And Bridges?

In the event that you are missing part of a tooth, a crown can be placed on it to restore it back to its natural size, shape and strength. The reasons for chipped teeth vary greatly, but with a dental crown, you resolve the situation and have a natural looking tooth once again. Because crowns come in a variety of different colors, you can choose how you want the tooth to look.

Bridges are used in conjunction with crowns when a patient has multiple missing teeth in a row. This can happen when teeth get lost due to accidents, or if a tooth is in such bad shape that it needs to be completely removed. Bridges can also be used to take place of multiple different teeth in a row. In order for bridges to be properly secured into place, your dentist will affix the bridge to a crown on the teeth that are still in place on both sides of the missing teeth.

The end result of crowns and bridges is a reconstructed smile that can give you the look of real teeth and a complete smile. If you’re missing teeth, call Dr. Pile right now! 623-551-5555

What Are The Benefits Of Crowns and  Bridges?

Having chipped, broken, cracked or missing teeth can lead to a variety problems. With a flaw in your smile, you may have a hard time in social gatherings or when smiling for photographs, especially if you are always wondering if people are looking at your teeth. Furthermore, if you have missing teeth, then the teeth that are still in your mouth no longer have barriers to hold them in their natural place. This means that when you chew food or close your jaw, your remaining teeth could start to misalign completely. However, crowns and bridges will help alleviate all of these issues. Not only will you have a more complete smile that looks great and restores your confidence, but you’ll also have a more secure foundation that keeps your remaining natural teeth in place.

When a patient is missing one or more teeth in a row, the best option that a dentist may recommend is a crown and bridge placement to help restore your smile. Along with the added self-confidence that you will have with replacing missing teeth, crowns and bridgework will allow you to regain the strength that you need to have a comfortable bite when chewing or eating food. Dr. Nicholas Pile has done extensive work on both crowns and bridgework, making him a reliable resource for those looking to get either of those oral procedures completed.

When Should I Consider Crowns or Bridges?

If you are distressed or in pain due to problems stemming from your natural teeth, having crowns or a bridge placed in your teeth could be the perfect resolution. Before your teeth continue to sustain any more damage, getting either of these placed in your mouth will help you start working towards a healthier smile.

How Much Do Bridges And Crowns Cost?

The prices of crowns or bridges vary depending on the severity of your natural teeth. Factors that could affect the cost of your dental work include whether or not you need to have natural teeth removed, how serious the current damage is, and the color of crown that you want to have placed in your mouth. Dr. Pile and Element Dental can help you determine what the best option for you will be and they will also help you find out whether or not your medical coverage will cover your dental work.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Pile?

You can trust Dr. Nicholas Pile with your crown and bridge work. These oral procedures take expert care and diligence, which Dr. Pile offers to all of his patients. At Element Dental, you can rest assured that you will have a relaxing atmosphere during the entire process. Dr. Pile’s years of experience has allowed him to come into contact with very unique situations in a variety of patients. He knows how to deal with every situation that comes his way.

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