General Dentistry

Maintaining your teeth and gums are vital to your overall well being and your health. That is why general dentistry practices can save you plenty of toothaches, headaches and money. Going to the dentist on a regular basis will allow you to get your teeth cleaned to get rid of plaque and other buildup, while also ensuring that your gums and teeth are promoting a healthy oral environment. In the event that you need minor oral surgery, a visit to the dentist can help you find any issues before they become much more pressing concerns.

When Should You Start Going To The Dentist?

It’s never too early to start going to the dentist. In most cases, even toddlers can visit the dentist in order to have their gums evaluated so that they will begin growing healthy teeth when the time comes. In the case of adults, if it has been some time since your last dental checkup, there is no time like the present to go. The longer you wait, the more susceptible you may become to oral issues. Making sure that you visit the dentist regularly, you can get your teeth cleaned, x-rayed and get a fully comprehensive dental exam to let you know how your teeth are doing. In doing so, you’ll be promoting healthier and longer lasting teeth that will give you the perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

When Should I Schedule My Dental Appointment?

Going to the dentist just twice a year can be enough to make sure that your teeth are maintaining their health throughout the year. And if you are still having a hard time justifying your trip to the dentist, consider that a 30-minute appointment is typically much better than the amount of time you might be required to take if you need to fix a more serious issue like oral surgery. Instead, just a few hours out of your year can be enough to change the entire outlook of your oral health. Call Dr. Pile for your next appointment: 623-551-5555

What Is The Experience Like When I Visit The Dentist?

Every dental experience is different. At Element Dental, we work hard to provide you with an atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and an experience that will make you want to come back for more in the future. We want to ensure that your visits to our office are nothing but pleasurable and make you as comfortable as possible. Our friendly office and staff make sure that your next appointment is one that you will look forward to going to.

What Does A General Dentistry Visit Cost?

Most insurances cover general checkups. However, even if you do not have dental coverage, paying for a visit to the dentist can often be much less expensive than if you let minor issues become much more serious. In any event, Element Dental will work with you to make sure that your visit to the dentist is not something that is a financial burden. We have payment options and other plans available to consider, if necessary.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Pile?

You can trust Dr. Nicholas Pile for all of your general dentistry needs. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a more elaborate surgery, Dr. Pile has the necessary experience in the industry. A graduate of Temple University, Dr. Pile works hard to provide his patients with a comfortable and relaxing dental experience, so that they will come back in the future to keep up with their oral health. He makes sure that every visit keeps you coming back for the next one.

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