TMJ Treatment

What Is TMJ Treatment?

TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorders, often occur in patients who have problems with chewing or moving the jaw. This can occur due to a variety of issues that involve displacement of the jaw, lack of flexibility with the bones and muscles in place, grinding or clenching of the teeth, dislocation of the ball and socket or even osteoarthritis or arthritis. In any event, the paint that can occur with TMJ can be incredibly excruciating. You may notice that you have increased amounts of headaches or that you are simply unable to chew or eat anything without getting fatigued. In any event, it’s best to consider a TMJ treatment in order to alleviate these issues.

Dr. Nicholas Pile and Element Dental works to help patients with TMJ treatment through a variety of different methods. In some cases, medication may be the best treatment option to relieve your TMJ symptoms and the pain that comes with them. Other methods include implementing a bite splint into your mouth, in order to help you relieve the muscle pain and jaw tightness. You can also consider physical therapy options, which will help you try and build strength up around the jaw muscles. The best way to determine the best course of action for you specially is to contact Dr. Pile. He can access your specific situation and determine the best approach to get you back towards living a normal and healthy life.

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What Is The Benefit Of TMJ Treatment?

Imagine doing something as simple as eating breakfast, but you can hardly open your mouth enough to fit a spoon inside. Or even worse, imagine being at work and having a conversation, only to have your jaw freeze up on you and lock into place. Both of these situations, as well as countless others, can occur if you have TMJ. However, by working with TMJ treatment options, you can work to get rid of all of these problems. You can never truly know how or when TMJ might affect your life. The mental stress alone can be enough to make someone go crazy knowing that their TMJ could kick in without any notice. But Dr. Pile will work with you to ensure that it doesn’t become a debilitating issue that controls your life. This will help you get back to a more normal life doing activities you would expect to do on a routine basis.

Who Should Consider TMJ Treatment?

There are a variety of symptoms that one can look out for to avoid TMJ issues. If you notice that you have excessive pain with even the most subtle of chewing, this is a common concern for TMJ sufferers, as it is typically the beginning of larger and longer-lasting issues. If you notice that these problems result in stiff jaw muscles or that your jaw will lock in place, this too is something to see a dentist about. Or if you notice a difference in the fit in your upper and lower teeth or you hear or notice a painful clicking or locking in your jaw, you should contact Dr. Pile. These symptoms do not guarantee that you have TMJ. However, Dr. Pile can further evaluate the option and give you a better idea as to what might be the  issue.

How Much Does TMJ Treatment Cost?

The cost for TMJ treatment will depend on the type of option that is best for you. Medication, physical therapy and all of the other treatment options vary, which can determine how much it will cost you. After contacting Dr. Pile, he can give you a better estimate of what your treatment might cost.

 Why Choose Dr. Pile and hist team?

Dr. Nicholas Pile knows that TMJ can be incredibly painful and equally as annoying. Therefore, he works quickly and diligently to help you fix any issues that you have with TMJ. You can contact Element Dental today to setup your TMJ consultation and start working towards treatment options almost immediately.

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