Tooth-Colored Fillings

What Are Tooth-Colored Fillings?

In the event that the overall health and stability of your teeth have been compromised, you will need to evaluate the best options for getting them fixed. Having cracks, chips and breaks in your teeth can be painful, as well as harmful to the overall health of your oral foundation. Therefore, one of the best options to alleviate these issues is to get a filling for your tooth. And for those that want to avoid a silver or metal filling, Dr. Nicholas Pile offers tooth-colored fillings that look as natural as your real tooth.

There are a variety of options for getting a broken tooth filed. In the past, silver and gold were common materials, due to the effectiveness of the material that would hold the tooth in place and act as a stable filler. However, dental science and medicine has advanced so that people can now get natural looking tooth-colored fillings that will blend in with the color of the rest of your teeth. This is often a very desirable option, especially by those who do not want others to know that they have had dental work.

Tooth-colored fillings are also a great choice for individuals who need to have a front tooth filled, but want to avoid colors that do not match the rest of their teeth. Instead, tooth- colored fillings provide people with a great looking smile, as well as the stability that may have previously been compromised due to a broken foundation.

What Are The Benefits Tooth Colored Fillings?

A filling can help replenish the strength of a tooth that has been compromised. The longer that you leave a chip or a crack in a tooth linger, the more damaged it will become as you eat and chew food, or simply whenever you open and close your mouth. However, a filling will fill the area inside of the tooth and strengthen it from the core. This means that you can feel confident and secure knowing that your teeth will have the strength they need, no matter what you are eating or chewing on. And the fact that the color of the filling matches the rest of your teeth, that’s an added benefit to those that are conscientious about the physical appearance of their teeth.

Who Should Consider Periodontal Gum Evaluation?

The reasons that someone may want to consider cosmetic fillings that are the same color as your natural tooth can vary under different circumstances. It’s important to remember that even the tiniest fracture in a tooth can soon turn into a much larger issue. People who want to avoid these small cracks turning into much larger problems should consider a tooth filling, no matter what color it is. However, those that are concerned about the look and appearance of a metal will certainly benefit from a naturally colored filling. While you may not be able to escape the fact that you need a filling, the choice is yours in terms of what color you want and how you want your filling to look.

How Much Does A Tooth Colored Filling Cost?

The price for a tooth-colored filling is going to cost more than that of a silver or gold filling. However, in many cases your dental insurance may cover the price of your tooth-colored filling up to the price of what metal fillings would cost. Element Dental can help you find out what your insurance will cover and how much the total cost may be to you.

Why Choose Dr. Pile and his team?

Dr. Nicholas Pile knows how important your teeth are to you. Therefore, he works diligently to ensure that your teeth have a strong and sturdy foundation. Getting a filling can help you avoid small issues with your teeth turning into much larger problems in the future. And if you want to make those fillings blend in with the rest of your teeth, you can do so with a tooth-colored option.

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