Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, then you are not alone. Years of coffee, wine, soda, acidic food and tobacco have lasting effects on our teeth that can tremendously deteriorate the overall physical appearance and brightness of our teeth. However, with Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening, you can brighten the shade of your teeth by as much as eight shades. In doing so, you will get a more desirable and more attractive smile that will be more welcoming to those around you. And all you have to give is an hour of your time, unlike a lot of other whitening products that don’t provide nearly the same type of results.

What Is Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening?

Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening is a one-hour treatment that can drastically change the look of your teeth. Many at-home kits claim that they can whiten your teeth, but in most cases this will only be three to four shades lighter. Plus, you have to deal with all of the sticky mess that comes with these kits and trying to align them on your teeth for a week or more in a row. However, the Zoom! treatment only takes one hour of your time and you’ll notice results that are as much as eight shades brighter. And best yet, Dr. Nicholas Pile has professional experience with Zoom! treatments, which means you won’t have to mess around with those tricky over-the-counter kits. Zoom! Teeth Whitening is broken into three-separate 20-minute processes, in which your teeth will be applied with Amorphous Calcium Phosphate and then exposed to a light source. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and when you finish you’ll notice a much more appealing smile.

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What Are The Benefits Of Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening?

If you are considering whether or not you should get Zoom! Teeth Whitening, think about  how beneficial a whiter smile can be for you. In some cases, your professional career may require that you are physically presentable and that you have a great looking smile. For others, looking great in their social circles is incredibly important and having a beautiful smile can be more appealing to your friends and family. Whatever the case may be, a Zoom! Teeth Whitening is that extra confidence booster that you need. And because it’s so simple to do, you won’t have to take any time off from work to recover. In some cases you can get Zoom! treatment done on your lunch break, and head back to work in the afternoon with a noticeably brighter smile.

Who Should Consider Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening?

Dr. Nicholas Pile works with clients who have varying levels or oral health. For some patients, teeth whitening is needed to correct years of poor oral hygiene that has led to incredibly stained and discolored teeth. However, there are also plenty of clients who already have great looking smiles, but simply want to further enhance the overall appearance and brightness of their teeth. There is no specific rule as to who can get the Zoom! treatment, but Dr. Pile will work with you individually to let you know if you are a viable candidate.

How Much Does Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost for Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening is not likely to be covered under most dental health care plans. However, when you consider the cost of over-the-counter kits and you compare it with the lasting results of the Zoom! treatment, then you’ll see that it’s certainly worth the investment. Furthermore, Element Dental will work with patients who need to consider financing in order to pay for the Zoom! treatment.

Why Choose Dr. Pile and His Team?

Dr. Nicholas Pile is a reputable dentist that you can trust with your Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening transformation. Element Dental provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that will allow you to feel comfortable during your treatment. And when you are finished, you’ll have a more beautiful smile that will change how you feel about yourself.

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